From the 5 star hotel at the lakefront to the little bed & breakfast hidden in the valleys, from the modern and exclusive hotel offering every comfort to the traditional Inn; the choice around Ascona-Locarno is vast and varied, find the best accommodation and enjoy your stay!

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Teams can also have a look here:

CST Tenero - Centro sportivo nazionale della gioventù

Accommodation for teams or large families:

Teams or Large Family who are still in searching for a place to stay in Ascona during the Swiss Championships. At the Protezione Civile, big rooms & places are available (very minimal setting, min. 20 persons – max 50 persons). From 10 to 15 CHF / Night.

Adress: Palestre comunali di Ascona - Via Stefano Franscini 5 – 6612 Ascona

Please let know us if interested at: